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    • Challenge 1 : Goal Setting for School Climate and Culture
      Prompt: After selecting the "Climate and Culture" targets your school will be focusing on, read the corresponding research briefs (and we promise, they really are brief). Then, list the briefs you read. For each brief, describe what new information you learned and how you plan to apply the information in your school. In other words, what did you learn, and what are you going to do as a result?  Points Possible: 100 (if the entire leadership team at your school responds)
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    • 3 years, 11 months ago

      Sonya Salandy_Northeast_ELLCoordinator

    • Challenge 2: Due Friday, October 25th
      Please complete your profile.  If you don't set up a profile, only your email address shows up on the discussion board and we won't all know who you are. Please use this format for your name:
      First name Last name_School_Your role on the leadership team
      Ex: Liru He_Wilson_School-Family Liaison
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    • Challenge 3: Due Friday, November 1st
      Because all of the teams are working on improving physical spaces and making materials to create a welcoming school environment that reflects and honors the diversity of the school community.   1) Make a photo inventory of a) spaces/things you would like to change and b) spaces/things that you have already begun to improve.   2) As you raise the visibility and status of multilingual kids and their families, you'll surely encounter some push back. So, in your own words, explain why you believe this is important work to do (refer to the research briefs)   Remember, when you post on the discussion board, it's only visible to this group of people. So, ask for suggestions, read other posts to get good ideas, offer suggestions to others, and share resources.
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    • 3 years, 10 months ago

      Rodriguez, Leira_Parent_School Liaison

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