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      We need to make changes that not only welcome all students but also make them feel safe. Multilingual signs are needed for guidance and direction. George Washington is a large building and can be confusing when you first walk in the door. Clear signs will make students and their families feel safe and respected. Changing some furniture in the front office so the staff faces those walking in would help families who are hesitant about being in the school.

      Our students enter our school through the Rec Room, we could add translations to our message boards for students to read while in line to go through detectors. This area would be an ideal area for us to have translated sign with reminders of our uniform policy, and trans-pass pick up. It would be awesome if we could hang smaller flags in this area and clean out some of the furniture that is stored here.

      The nurse’s office needs multilingual signs, it does not have any medical symbols for students to identify it. We also could use directional signs in the cafeteria along with some conduct codes and conduct code signs.

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